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12. December 2017
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14. December 2017

DALE – The German Perspective

Global Initiative for Distributed and Local Energy

Project duration: November 2017 – February 2018

The aim of the RLI project “DALE – The German Perspective” is to establish the DALE Network in Germany. DALE stands for Global Initiative for Distributed and Local Energy and is an international network of experts working on the topic of decentralized energy supply. The network aims to promote the expansion of renewable energy through more local production and advocates funding in this area. The goal of DALE is to see that at least half of all businesses and private households receive most of their energy from local energy production by the year 2035.

The German part of DALE aims to increase awareness of the network in Germany and to create an exchange among experts in research, business, society, and policy. The central questions with regard to decentralized energy supply as well as the current state of discussion from the German perspective will be collected and presented in a report. The overview of the current state in Germany will be incorporated in the development of the international network. Furthermore, we will participate in the development of a structured information exchange in the network.

  • Organize telephone conferences and workshops
  • Conduct a survey with experts on decentralized energy supply
  • Expert support in drafting the report
Local Energy Markets

IET Consulting
Haleakala Foundation


Kathrin Goldammer

Managing Director
Project management

Lilly Schön