Open electricity grid optimisation: Das neue Projekt open_eGo
30. September 2015
Detection of off-grid regions and potential options of power supply along the example of Kenya
2. October 2015

Rural electrification modelling in the framework of the Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP)

Project duration 01.09.2015 - 31.05.2016

Geoinformationsystems (GIS) and energy system simulations allow a detailed rural electrification planning. For that it is necessary to identify all rural communities and their status of electrification. The future demand of all non-electrified communities is assessed afterwards. Knowing the future demand allows a least cost modelling of the electrification options. These options include stand-alone systems, hybrid mini-grids, and grid extension. The aforementioned working packages support the creation of rural electrification plans in the framework of thr NESP, financed by the EU.
Modelling of economic and ecological attractive electrification options for the analyzed communities in Niger, Ogun, Cross River, Plateau, and Sokoto.

Participants of kick-off workshop in Abuja


Ludwig Hülk


Philipp Blechinger

Team leader

Catherina Cader

PhD candidate

Paul Bertheau