How to meet EU GHG emission reduction targets? A model based decarbonization pathway for Europe’s electricity supply system until 2050 (Pleßmann et al. 2016)
1. December 2016
3rd Expert Round Table “Connected Energy in Urban Quarters”
2. December 2016

Second Forum E-Mobility in Brandenburg

December 1st 2016 | Potsdam
2 p. m. – 6 p. m. | Industrie- und Handelskammer Potsdam

Alexander Wanitschke, Norman Pieniak, Oliver Arnhold, and Raoul Hirschberg from the RLI Research Field Mobility with Renewable Energy, will present first intermediate result from the PIOnEER project on December 1st in Potsdam. At the Second Future Forum on E-Mobility in Brandenburg (Zweites Zukunftsforum „E-mobiles Brandenburg – erneuerbar elektrisch“) hosted by the Brandenburg Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, experts will discuss the current development status of e-mobility in Brandenburg and present their research and investment projects.

In the PIOnEER project, the RLI analyzes which regions in Brandenburg offer the highest potential for e-mobility in combination with a Micro Smart Grid (MSG).

© Photo: RLI