open_plan: Bottom-up energy transition
9. March 2020
Call for Papers ATZlive: EMobility + Grid Integration
23. March 2020

10.-12.03.2020 | IRES2020

Due to Covid-19, this year’s conference will be postponed.

Düsseldorf | At this year’s International Conference on Renewable Energy Storage (IRES) Birgit Schachler, researcher in the research unit Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI, will give a presentation. Within the panel „Case Studies Involving Thermal Energy Storage and Community Aspects“ she will speak on „Distribution System Planning with Battery Storage Using Multiperiod Optimal Power Flow“.

While the parallel „Energy Storage Europe“ (ESE) exhibition will present business models, best practices and markets, the IRES panels and presentations will focus on research and development in the areas pf thermal storage, battery storage, other electrical storage, chemical storage and power-to-x technologies. Their combination and optimized use in energy systems will also be discussed.

This year, the European Association for Renewable Energy (EUROSOLAR) is organising IRES, the world’s largest scientific conference on storage technologies, for the fourteenth time. The conference will be held mostly in English and the full porgramm is available here.

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