13.09. | RLI Energy-Dialog 2019
13. September 2021
Study: How can Berlin become climate neutral?
14. September 2021

14.09. | 2. Mobility2Grid Conference

Lab2Reality: Future images of connected mobility.
September 14, 2021
EUREF Campus, Berlin.

Julian Brendel, researcher in the RLI Research Unit Mobility with Renewable Energy, represents RLI at the 2nd Mobility2Grid conference: “Lab2Reality: Future Images of a Networked Mobility”. Julian will present the project E-MetroBus together with the partners BVG and TU Berlin, in which a part of the Berlin bus fleet is electrified and opportunity charging is tested in regular service.

The 2nd Mobility2Grid conference is dedicated to the sustainable transformation of energy and transport systems. On the basis of concrete projects, the state of current research will be presented, approaches to solutions will be discussed, and practical experience shared.

Mobility2Grid is a research campus on the EUREF site in Berlin-Schöneberg, where new technologies in the field of mobility are investigated. In particular, the focus is on business models and the question of how these must adapt to take account of changes in the markets; how the use of grid capacities changes and how a grid-serving controllability of vehicle fleets is realized. The goal is to use new technical options and civil society participation to make the supply of electricity, heat, and transportation affordable, secure, and fully renewable.

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