8.-10.12. | Final meeting for the open_MODEX project at RLI
8. December 2021
Feasibility study on the use of mini-grids in Papua New Guinea
16. December 2021

14.12. | AGYA Workshop: Sustainable Mobility

December 14th, 2021

Philipp Blechinger, Head of the RLI Research Unit Off-Grid Systems, is co-chair of a workshop of the Arab-German Young Academy (AGYA) in cooperation with TU Berlin. The workshop is titled “Global Berlin in the 21st century – Concepts for Sustainable Urban Mobility”. Philipp is chairing the workshop together with mobility expert Katja Diehl (She Drives Mobility). In addition to the opening session, Philipp will moderate an interactive working group on the topic “What can drive a bottom-up sustainable mobility transition?” Philipp’s working group focuses on cycling in cities.

Zakia Soomauroo, researcher in the RLI Research Unit Off-Grid Systems and Jakob Gemassmer, researcher in the RLI Research Unit Mobility with Renewable Energy, will also each lead a working group: Zakia on the topic of Sustainable Transport Policies and Jakob will present the initiative Kiezblocks/changingcities Berlin.

The workshop takes place in the framework of the AGYA research project “Urban Smart Mobility Concepts in Berlin”.

You can sign up for the workshop here.

To the program of the AGYA workshop
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