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10. March 2017
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15. March 2017

IRES 2017

International Renewable Energy Storage Conference
March 14th – 16th 2017 | Düsseldorf

As in previous years, an RLI delegation will be attending the International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES). IRES is one of the largest and leading academic conferences for energy storages and takes place for the 11th time. For RLI, Alexander Wanitschke, Caroline Möller, and Oliver Arnhold will participate, all of them will present their work in session “Community Storage 1“ on March 16th.

Alexander is going to demonstrate how RLI optimized a microgid in Berlin according to design, cost efficiency, least emissions, and highest degree of self-sufficiency.

Caroline will present a techno-economic analysis of storages in energy regions and local communities and discuss chances and risks of decentralized, self-sufficient energy supply.

Oliver’s presentation will focus on a global analysis of potentials for hydrogen storages in renewable energy systems in off-grid regions.

The full conference program and more information on IRES is available here.

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