High Power Charging in Berlin
5. March 2021
17.03. | open_plan: Stakeholder Workshop
17. March 2021

15.03. | ENGAGER Energy Rights Forum

15th March, 2021
Online forum

Catherina Cader, Head of the RLI Research Unit Off-Grid Systems, will give an input statement at the opening session of the ENGAGER Energy Rights Forum. She will present her perspective on the question “What is energy – and why is it important?” and then discuss it with other participants. The first session will focus on energy rights and the links between human development and energy access.

The ENGAGER Energy Rights Forum will take place online from March 15-19 2021. The five afternoon sessions will be guided by the overarching question: Would a right to energy end energy poverty? ENGAGER is a research network funded by the European Co-operation in Science and Technology (COST). The forum addresses activists, policy makers and researchers.

Further information as well as the possibility to register on the ENGAGER Energy Rights Forum website


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