17.03. | open_plan: Stakeholder Workshop
17. March 2021
25.03. | Hydrogen Online Workshop (HOW)
25. March 2021

18.03. | Hearing in the Committee on Economic Affairs of the Bavarian State Parliament

18th March, 2021
Online hearing

RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer, will participate as an expert in a hearing of the Bavarian State Parliament on the topic of „Electricity Storage of the Future”. She will give a fifteen-minute statement, in which she will address questions previously submitted by the members of Parliament. Following the experts’ statements, the members of Parliament will have the opportunity to ask further questions. The hearing will conclude with a closing statement by each of the experts.

The hearing will be held by the Committee on Economic Affairs, Regional Development, Energy, Media and Digitization and broadcast via live stream.

To the live stream.