17.–21.06. | Asia Clean Energy Forum
17. June 2019
19.–20.06. | EventHorizon Summit
19. June 2019

18.6. | Mobility workshop and connecting local actors

Haldensleben | A workshop on electromobility and car sharing will take place on 18 June in Haldensleben to bring local actors in and around the city together.

Jakob Gemassmer and Norman Pieniak, researchers in the RLI research unit Mobility with Renewable Energy, will lead the workshop in order to bring together the needs of representatives from politics, transport, business, civil society and administration. The aim is to formulate common goals for the areas of electromobility as well as car sharing in Haldensleben and to develop measures to achieve these goals.

Stadtwerke Haldensleben already has eight charging stations and offers its own car sharing service. The workshop will lay the foundations for a closer exchange of local actors in order to further actively promote the transport transition in Haldensleben.

© Photo: Stadtwerke Haldensleben