Second Forum E-Mobility in Brandenburg
1. December 2016
Workshop: Simulation of Flexible Electricity Grids and Decentralized Supply
7. December 2016

3rd Expert Round Table “Connected Energy in Urban Quarters”

December 2nd 2016 | Berlin
2 – 4.30 p. m. | Technologiestiftung Berlin

The Berlin Technology Foundation (Technologiestiftung Berlin) is hosting its 3rd expert roundtable „Connected Energy in Urban Quarters” in December 2nd. The event is an opportunity to discuss strategies for reaching Berlin’s climate protection goals. Several ideas for new technologies and solutions for connected energy in an urban context will be presented and then discussed with experts.

On behalf of RLI, PhD candidate Caroline Möller will participate. Her research focuses on the integration of storages in so-called energy regions. Caroline will present her work on electricity storages on a community level at the Technologiestiftung and explain which technological and economic criteria influence the design and dimension of community electricity storages

Please note that the event is hosted in German. For further information, please contact Technologiestiftung Berlin.

© Foto: RLI