11.–12.09. | SINTEG Annual Conference 2019
11. September 2019
25.–26.09. | Meeting of the Sustainable Energy Committee of UNECE
25. September 2019

12.–13.09. | 5th Power-to-Heat Dialogue Platform

Berlin | Caroline Möller, part of the development and application group for the open-source modeling framework oemof (open energy system modeling framework), will present a poster at the 5th Power-to-Heat Dialogue Platform that provides an overview of the work of the RLI in the project oemof_heat.

Sector coupling of electricity, heating and cooling applications, also called power-to-heat, could become more important for future energy supply systems. In the existing modeling frameworks, power-to-heat as a component has so far hardly been considered. The oemof_heat project will develop new model components and methods for oemof that will incorporate the thermal applications.

The conference is jointly organized by the Energy Technology Society (ETG) of the VDE and the Energy Research Center Lower Saxony (EFZN) and is aimed at representatives from business, politics and research institutes.