12.–13.09. | 5th Power-to-Heat Dialogue Platform
12. September 2019
23.–28.09. | Seminar on Energy Transition in Cuba
25. September 2019

25.–26.09. | Meeting of the Sustainable Energy Committee of UNECE

Geneva | The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) invites to the 28th meeting of the Committee on Sustainable Energy “Accelerating and deepening the transition to sustainable energy systems” in Geneva to discuss the implications of the ongoing energy transition in UNECE regions. The research team of the Kopernikus project Energy Transition Navigation System, ENavi for short, shows in interactive simulations which measures may be used to make traffic and energy generation more environmentally friendly.

Mascha Richter and Pierre-Francois Duc from the RLI research unit Transformation of Energy Systems will show web-based visualization tools that help communities and individual consumers create sustainable energy supply scenarios, understand their impact and make decisions based on it.

On the RLI web applications and maps (WAM) platform, these Stakeholder Empowerment(StEmp)-tools are available for everyone.

Carlo Jaeger, head of the Global Climate Forum in Berlin and ENavi partner, will introduce the digitally supported dialogue format Decision Theater. The Decision Theater visualises partial results in the area of ​​sustainable mobility and confronts decision-makers with the consequences of their chosen policy options.