E-MetroBus: Launch of Line 200 and passenger app
26. August 2020
Multicriteria-based methodology for the design of rural electrification systems. A case study in Nigeria (Juanpera et al. 2020)
7. September 2020

01. – 05.09. | SDEWES Conference 2020

Cologne | 1 – 5.9. 2020
Digital conference

Jonathan Amme, researcher in the RLI Research Unit Transformation of Energy Systems, will present the paper “Flexibility options for enhanced use of electricity from renewable energy sources – A qualitative study on two regions in Germany” at the 15th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environmental Systems (SDEWES).

The paper compares two studies on regional energy supply (regulated wind power in the Uckermark, regional energy supply, and sector coupling in Anhalt-Bitterfeld-Wittenberg). For both, flexibility options were investigated and modeled with oemof-solph. This work is part of the research project WindNODE.

The SDEWES conference is dedicated to the further development and dissemination of knowledge about methods, strategies and technologies for decoupling growth from the use of natural resources towards a knowledge-based economy. All this in consideration of the economic, ecological and social pillars of sustainable development.

More information and registration for the conference is available on the sdewes 2020 website.

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