Kathrin Goldammer is spokeswoman for the joint energy technology cluster of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg
16. June 2021
Hydrogen storage potential study for mini-grids in Chile
25. June 2021

22.06. | HLDE Side Event – Technology for Energy Access

June 22nd, 2021

Catherina Cader, Head of the RLI Research Unit Off-Grid Systems, will provide an introduction to GIS technologies at the HLDE Side Event: “Accelerating Energy Access through Technology Innovation”. In her presentation titled “Introducing the Tech: Innovative pattern recognition technologies and artificial intelligence as enabler for national electrification maps development”, Catherina explains how RLI uses digital maps as a tool in electrification planning. The side event will introduce various other aspects of innovation for achieving universal energy access.

The HLDE Side Event is co-organized jointly by UNDP through its Community of Practice on Energy, the Department of Energy of Vanuatu, Power Blox, InputOutput and the Reiner Lemoine Institut.

For registration, please visit here