Measuring campaign on the potential of e-mobility for air quality
24. July 2019
Urban-rural relations in renewable electric energy supply – the case of a German energy region (Möller et al. 2019)
30. July 2019

25.–26.07. | AGYA Workshop Governance of Smart Mobility Data

Berlin | The Arab-German Young Academy (AGYA) will host a workshop on “A Digital Commons: Governance of Smart Mobility Data” at the RLI and on the EUREF Campus in Berlin on July 25 and 26, 2019. The workshop aims to promote a discussion of the general and specific aspects of smart data as well as its various implications, e.g. on sustainability.

In four sessions in two days, the workshop will try to find answers and approaches to questions such as: Who benefits from smart mobility policies? Who decides on the policies? How do we map out the urban governance landscape? How do we collect and manage the massive amount of data for smart mobility and how do we ensure privacy?

For more information on AGYA and the workshop, please visit the AGYA website.

© Image: AGYA