oemof User and Developer Meeting
7. May 2018
Big Data Workshop at UC Berkeley
8. May 2018

3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop

May 8th – 9th 2018 | Tenerife

Sarah Berendes, researcher in the field Off-Grid Systems will present her work on hybrid mini-grids at the 3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop in Tenerife.

Sarah will present her talk entitled “Sizing and Optimization of Hybrid Micro Energy Systems with micrOgridS – an Open-Source Modelling Tool” during the “Simulation Tools” session of the workshop. She will present her model “micrOgridS” and present and discuss the software requirements necessary for an optimized design of hybrid mini-grids. The micrOgridS model is based on oemof and written in Python. It can be used to layout photovoltaic systems and battery storage and to determine optimized operating strategies.

Those who are interested in collaborative open source development processes are always welcome, Sarah is available as contact person.

Further information on the 3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop is available at http://hybridpowersystems.org/

© Image: Jose Mesa, paneles solares en Arico. 09, cropped by RLI, CC BY-SA 2.0