Amira Ghied

M.Sc. Biomedical Instrumentations (University of Tlemcen)

+49 (0)30 1208 434 47



Amira Ghied worked as an intern in the Research Unit Off-Grid Systems at RLI from March to June 2019. She was enrolled in the master's program Energy Engineering at the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences including Climate change (PAUWES) – affiliated with the University of Tlemcen in Algeria.

In context of her internship, Amira was writing her master thesis using the open-source tools that have been developed by RLI for modeling and analyzing energy systems. In particular, the aim of Amira‘s thesis was to study the techno-economic feasibility of a hybrid mini-grid system for rural electrification in Algeria.

Amira holds a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering with a major in Electronics and also a master’s degree in Biomedical Instrumentations from the University of Tlemcen.