Sub-sector analysis on the market potential for battery storage systems in Tanzania
1. July 2015
Extensive vibration measurements of turbines with the company BerlinWind
1. July 2015

BWE market overview Special small wind turbines

Project period 01.12.2010 - 28.02.2011

The demand for small wind turbines has risen sharply in recent years. This has led many smaller and larger companies to expand their original expertise of generator production, general metalworking and so on by production and sale of vertical or horizontal small wind turbines. Thus, the market became increasingly confusing, partly because the quality and performance of these systems is difficult to compare. Therefore regulatory authorities have to create obligatory standardized specifications, which the manufacturers are required to apply for design and surveying.
The BWE market overview shall be used to survey the current range of small wind turbines and to find the right system for their own claims. The Reiner Lemoine Institut contributed the experiences out of previous projects and the existing extensive understanding about the state of the market to this brochure and could provide valuable advice in matters of certification.
BundesverbandWindEnergie e.V.


Norman Pieniak