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Elaboration of DIN SPEC 91433 “Guideline for Search Area and Location Identification and Recommendations for Reporting and Approval Procedures in Charging Infrastructure Planning”

Project period: June 2019 – March 2020

The aim of the project is to develop a DIN specification that simplifies and accelerates the planning and construction of charging infrastructure for battery electric vehicles. The guideline, which is to be developed together with a consortium of experts, is primarly aimed at local authorities and municipal companies, charging point operators, land owners and others who want to build or support the construction of publicly accesible charging infrastructure. For this purpose, the necessary planning and implementation steps and the questions to be answered are listed and assistance is provided to answer them.

All phases in the construction of charging infrastructure are considered: from the planning phase with the corresponding reporting and approval processes and the application for subsidies to the implementation including the coordination of all actors involved (landowners, electricians, etc.).

A special focus here is on the effective location search for charging infrastructure as well as on the efficient design of the interaction between different actors (data exchange, application for permits, enquiries to the network operator, etc.).

RLI assumes the following tasks within this research project:

  • Review of current solutions for the planning of charging infrastructure
  • Identification of stakeholder structures and roles in charging infrastructure planning
  • Identification of formal framework conditions and processes for the development of charging infrastructure
  • Standardization work
  • Workshop organisation and content consortium management

Localiser RLI GmbH

Research project "EmoStar²K - Promotion of electromobility through standardisation, coordination and strengthening of public perception" - funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of the call for proposals for measures for the further development of electromobility - standardisation of norms and standards for the cross-border use of electromobility (funding code: 01MX16003A)

DIN e.V.



Project manager

Raoul Hirschberg


Alexander Windt