Determination of characteristic maps for the rotor blades with ABAUKAS
1. July 2015
ATALOG – Independent fully automated Airborne Wind Energy System
1. July 2015

Development of an innovative process chain for manufacturing of rotor blades based on fibre-reinforced plastics

Project period 01.05.2012 - 31.12.2013

Rotor blades have a large financial influence on the total investment costs for a small wind turbine (SWT). Innovative production methods can reduce these influences and increase the rate of production output. In a research project the TU Chemnitz develops an automated manufacturing technique with massively reduced production time compared with current standards. These new blades are as stiff and strong as conventional glass or carbon fibre reinforced plastic. The TU Chemnitz’ new technique shows opportunities for the market segment between the standard mould injection method (up to 1m blade length) and the glass/carbon fibre reinforced blades (from 5m blade length). For the commercial realization and market launch the Techno-Innovation Zittau GmbH as industrial partner is invovled.

The Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI) is the consulting partner referring wind power and aerodynamic aspects of the production technique and the rotor blade design by means of the software ABAUKAS (Link!) – developed by the RLI.


Olaf Bernicke