ATALOG – Independent fully automated Airborne Wind Energy System
1. July 2015
Development of Mobility Scenarios in order to Use Energy Excess within the Graciosa-Project led by YOUNICOS AG
1. July 2015

FastGens – Entwurf von Regelungskonzepten für WEA mit Leistungsverzweigung und schnelllaufenden Generatoren (HBW)

Project period 20.06.2013 - 30.06.2015

The Reiner Lemoine Institute participates with HBW-FastGens in the qualification project „Hochschulbasierte Weiterbildung für Betriebe (HBW) an der HTW Berlin“. Within the HBW-FastGens project the Reiner Lemoine Institute is qualified to upgrade an existing Hardware-In-the-Loop test bench for power-split drive train systems.
The FastGens system is an innovative and trend-setting modular drive train concept for wind turbines. With improved availability and extensive lower costs for service and overhauling a higher output is expected. The novelty of the system results from a gearbox design, that splits and transfers the power flow to several generators, each operataing in the so called "SuperHighSpeed" (SHS) range with a nominal speed about 10,000 rpm. This results to a considerable smaller generator size on the one hand. On the other hand a standstill of the wind turbine on gronds of a generator damage is avoided.
HTW Berlin

8.2 Ingenieurbüro Schwarz


Olaf Bernicke

Researcher, Laboratory Manager

Norman Pieniak

Head of Unit