Development of Mobility Scenarios in order to Use Energy Excess within the Graciosa-Project led by YOUNICOS AG
1. July 2015
CO2-neutrales Fahren auf Basis regenerativ erzeugter Energie (Strom/Wasserstoff/Methan)
1. July 2015

Research project for measuring typical driving cycles in the field of electrical professionals in Berlin as a basis for evaluating the use of electric vehicles

Project period 17.11.2011 - 29.02.2012

In Berlins electricel trade rises the interest in using electric vehicles. Berlin as a city with a low emission zone is theoretically very well for the operation of electric vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers promise ranges of 80 km to 130 km away. The charging times of the batteries are specified depending on the connected power about 4 - 10 hours. To what extent electric vehicles in everyday operation of the electrical trade can be put to good use, is currently unknown.

This research project examined the current driving cycles in the electrical trades Berlin on the basis of five classic cars. Over a period of about two months typical driving profiles (speed accurate to the second, distance, service lives, etc.) were measured, scientifically analyzed and graphed.
The aim of the project is to develop indications to evaluate the appropriate use of electric vehicles in the electrical trades Berlin.
Elektroinnung Berlin


Oliver Arnhold

Team leader

Oliver Hoch

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