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2. December 2021
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7. December 2021

Kathrin Goldammer is part of the advisory board for Baden-Württemberg’s hydrogen roadmap

December 6<sup>th</sup>, 2021 | The Baden-Württemberg Minister of the Environment Thekla Walker has appointed RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer to the advisory board for Baden-Württemberg’s hydrogen roadmap. Kathrin’s appointment to the board is initially for two years. The advisory board members will meet twice a year.

The advisory board is to support the Baden-Württemberg state government in achieving the goals set out in the hydrogen roadmap. The advisory board members are asked for recommendations on how certain measures should be implemented and assist in the further development of the roadmap with their knowledge.

The advisory board for the hydrogen roadmap Baden-Württemberg is to represent various sectors that are affected by the expansion and benefits of hydrogen technology. For this reason, Kathrin is joined on the advisory board by representatives from mobility, industry, the energy sector, associations and science, among others.

The hydrogen roadmap Baden-Württemberg is a roadmap to develop a hydrogen economy in the federal state. The Baden-Württemberg cabinet approved the roadmap on December 15 <sup>th</sup>, 2020. The strategy includes goals to be achieved in the expansion of the hydrogen economy within a certain time frame and names 29 specific targets.

Kathrin will support the achievement of these goals as a member of the advisory board. The RLI congratulates Kathrin on her appointment and wishes her all the best for this task.