10.-11.05. | ATZlive conference “Powertrains and Energy Systems of Tomorrow”
10. May 2022
AGYA Global Berlin Event
11.05. | AGYA Evening Event Global Berlin in the 21st Century
11. May 2022

11.05. Intersolar Europe Conference

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May 11th 2022

Catherina Cader will represent the RLI at the Intersolar Europe conference on May 11 in Munich.

On the first day of the conference, Catherina, head of the RLI research unit Off-Grid Systems, will host the session “On-Grid goes Off-Grid”.  She will give a presentation on the relevance of this topic.

The session presents examples of products and systems belong in both the off-grid and grid-connected worlds.

Within this evolution of off-grid systems, electrification strategies and perspectives will be adapted to demonstrate the potential of interconnected off-grid systems. These strategies will be discussed and demonstrated within the session.

Specific examples include photovoltaic boilers and Lux batteries. Their benefits and functions will be explained in more detail by Manuel Masenko from fothermo System AG and Benjamin Seckinger from BOS AG. Moreover, Muhammed Imran from INTEGRATION environment & energy GmbH will talk about strategies for improving access to electricity in semi-urban areas via interconnected mini-grids.

The Intersolar Europe conference will be held in parallel with the Intersolar trade fair for the solar industry. The conference sees itself as an information and strategy platform for the solar and energy industry, at which international experts discuss technical trends, market developments and new business models and financing solutions. Intersolar Europe will take place from May 11-13, 2022 at Messe München.

More information on the conference program and the On-Grid goes Off-Grid session is available on the Intersolar Europe website.

Picture: © Solar Promotion