19.09 | dena-Dialogue Grids
19. September 2022
Ein Porträt von Catherina Cader neben dem Umriss des Landes Jordanien, in dem H2 steht.
21.09. | Jordanian-German Energy Business Council
21. September 2022

20. – 22.09. | International Renewable Energy Storage Conference 2022 (IRES)

Porträt von Tabea Katerbau auf grauem Grund, daneben ein elekritscher Truck in einer Sprechblase.

September 20th-21st | Düsseldorf/  online

Tabea Katerbau, research associate in the team Mobility with Renewable Energy at RLI, will attend the International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES) 2022 on September 21 and present a paper on battery storage and electro mobility in low-voltage grids. The three-day event is organized by EUROSOLAR and will take place at Messe Düsseldorf as part of the exhibitions on decarbonized industries. In up to three plenary and parallel lectures, experts from science, practice, politics and society will address the current state of knowledge on energy storage. The current state of research as well as the social, political and legal framework conditions of energy storage will be thematically covered.

On the second day of the conference, September 21st, Tabea will speak together with two other participants on “Analysis of the operation and positioning strategies of home and community storage in low-voltage grids in a sector-coupled and renewable energy system”. Her presentation belongs to the A1 Energy Systems Analysis division and will take place in room 812 starting at 9:00 am.

Also, Ricardo Reibsch, PhD candidate and part of the RLS graduate school at RLI, will be at the conference. Tabea and Ricardo jointly wrote the paper, Tabea will present in her presentation.

Further information on the event and the program can be found here.


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