Geo-spatial Assessment of Mini-Grid Potentials in Nigeria
20. December 2018
10. January 2019


January 6th-12th 2019 | Tlemcen and Tunis

Sarah Berendes, researcher in the RLI Research Unit Off-Grid Systems, will participate in a workshop in Tlemcen, Algeria and Tunis, Tunisia, that is part of the MENARET project. The workshop will focus on the development of a concrete project proposal for the Client II funding program, which could be a follow-up project on the MENARET project.

The MENARET project aims to develop solutions for a transformation of the energy system in the MENA region, which means Middle East and North Africa, considering socio-economic and social aspects.

The research will further address the question of how a transformation of the MENA energy system can be connected with the European energy transition and what role climate change has. The MENARET project is chaired by the Microenergy Systems Research Group of TU Berlin.

In the workshop, there will be discussions with local researchers, representatives of companies, and decision-makers, to create a comprehensive picture of the current state of energy supply and water resource management in Tunisia and Algeria. The discussions and selected field trips will shed light on the opportunities and challenges of a transformation of the energy system.

Sarah will contribute concrete suggestions and ideas for RLI’s project design and identify fields in which RLI can contribute with its expertise for the potential MENARET follow-up project Client II.

© Image: habib kaki, Tlemcen – تلمسان – panoramio, cropped by RLI, CC BY 3.0