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Mobility workshop and strategy paper connecting local actors in Haldensleben

Project period: March – July 2019

In Haldensleben, various projects are already devoted to the mobility transition that accompanies the energy transition in transport. Following a workshop on electromobility and car sharing, which brought local actors in and around Haldensleben together and linked them, a strategy paper was drawn up in which challenges as well as past and future activities were brought together.

The workshop was led by Jakob Gemassmer and Norman Pieniak, staff members in the Research Unit Mobility with Renewable Energy at RLI. The aim of the workshop was to bring together the needs of representatives from politics, transport, business, civil society and administration. The challenges facing the transport transition in the region were brought together and ideas and concrete measures were developed for different areas such as public authorities, the housing industry or business locations on how to tackle the challenges in the individual areas. Following the workshop, the Reiner Lemoine Institute, together with the Haldensleben public utilities, drew up a strategy paper in which a vision as well as short-, medium- and long-term goals for the region in the areas of electromobility and sharing were formulated.

Stadtwerke Haldensleben already has 17 charging stations (as of 07/2019), making it a pioneer in Saxony-Anhalt (in relation to the number of inhabitants) and offering its own car sharing service. The workshop laid the foundation for a closer exchange between local stakeholders in order to actively advance the transport transition in Haldensleben.

© image: Stadtwerke Haldensleben

RLI assumes the following tasks within this research project:

  • Organisation, moderation and follow-up of a workshop with various stakeholders in the Haldensleben region.
  • Execution and evaluation of a survey among the participants of the workshop.
  • Preparation of a strategy paper for Stadtwerke Haldensleben

After completing the research project, the following results can be identified from the RLI point of view:

The workshop was attended by over 20 people from various sectors, ranging from the housing industry to logistics.

  • The majority of the participants see opportunities for cooperation above all in the area of building and using charging infrastructure.
  • The stakeholders see Stadtwerke Haldensleben as a central point of contact for charging infrastructure and electric mobility.
  • Various challenges were identified in the workshop.
  • These challenges as well as previous and planned activities were compiled in a strategy paper. Together with the municipal utilities, the Reiner Lemoine Institute has formulated short, medium and long-term goals for the region in the areas of electromobility and sharing.

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SWH Stadtwerke Haldensleben



Project manager

Jakob Gemassmer