Nicola Klauder

Dipl.-Oec. (University of Potsdam)

Former Project Development Associate


Nicola Klauder worked as an associate in the RLI Research Unit Transformation of Energy Systems from April to September 2019. She joined the team for six months in context of an associate program for nonprofit organizations. Her main focus was the development of business potential in the area of open source/open science.

Nicola specialized in the coordination and framework finding of interdisciplinary development teams as well as in project management. Her career background included positions in various private companies in the sector of technical and digital innovation. She headed development teams that worked with scaled agile frameworks and was part of a steering committee on these methods as well as mentor and coach for colleagues.

Nicola holds a Diploma in Economics from the University of Potsdam. Her diploma thesis examined how market transparency can support the reduction of oligopolistic market power in the German energy market.