Distribution System Planning with Battery Storage using Multiperiod Optimal Power Flow (Pedersen et al. 2021)
25. February 2021
26.02. | Conference: Energy Futures – Emerging Pathways in an Uncertain World?
26. February 2021

25.2. | NOW Online Seminar: Funding for Hydrogen Projects within the Export Initiative Environmental Technology of the BMU

February 25, 2021
Online seminar

RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer gives a presentation at the kick-off event of the hydrogen section within the Environmental Technology Export Initiative of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). In her input, Kathrin talks about the global need for modern and clean energy, especially when considering the dependence on diesel generators that still prevails in many off-grid regions, and shows possible applications for solutions using hydrogen.

The German National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW) is hosting the seminar to highlight funding opportunities for hydrogen projects within BMU’s Environmental Technology Export Initiative. The initiative was launched by the BMU in 2016. It aims to disseminate environmental technologies and thus make a concrete contribution to sustainable development and better living conditions in other countries. The export initiative aims to contribute to supporting sustainable livelihoods (SDG implementation) in the target countries and to combine this with business benefits.

Further information as well as the possibility to register on the NOW website