Conference: Myanmar Off-Grid Renewable Energy Investment Forum
9. May 2017
Early Power to Gas Applications: Reducing Wind Farm Forecast Errors and Providing Secondary Control Reserve (Grueger et al. 2017)
10. May 2017

oemof User Meeting 2017 at RLI

May 9th/10th 2017 | Berlin

The Open Energy Modelling Framework (oemof) (co-)developed by RLI, is a tool for modelling and analyzing energy systems. It is an open-source software which is composed of flexible modules and can thus be compiled according to different specific needs. This makes it very useful for inter-sector studies.

This year’s oemof User Meeting is hosted by RLI. Users are invited to connect with each other, exchange ideas about how to use the framework, share their applications, and answer open questions.

Please find further information and the opportunity to register here. We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!

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