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22. November 2021
25.11. | Cluster Conference Energy Technology Berlin-Brandenburg 2021
25. November 2021

Online training: Energy supply for islands in Latin America and the Caribbean

The main goal of RLI’s training project for Organización Latinoamericana de de Energía (OLADE) is, to provide the participants with capabilities, knowledge and confidence to engage further in the development of clean, affordable and reliable energy supply on islands. Therefore, the course
  • introduces basic concepts of island energy supply systems
  • informs about main initiatives and knowledge platforms
  • provides insights in resource assessments and geospatial tools
  • enables the usage of an excel-based tool for energy system planning
  • informs about further and more advanced energy system simulation tools
  • highlights the relevance of resilient energy systems and sector coupling and informs about key measures for policy development.
After having participated in the course, participants will, understand the concept of energy system modelling. Furthermore, they will be able to define own scenarios and questions that can be addressed by applying energy modelling tools. Participants will also be given the skills to independently run an open-source modelling tool (SPT/MVS/Offgridders) based on oemof to formulate policy goals and objectives. Project duration: August 2021

© Picture: Nic McPhee, edited by RLI, Lizenz CC BY 2.0.
  • Give an overview on barriers and challenges for renewable energy deployment in the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as an overview of the most important initiatives and knowledge hubs for sustainable energy supply on islands
  • Teach the usage of geospatial tools (QGIS) for planning the energy supply on islands, focusing on resource and demand assessment, and enabling participants to apply QGIS to specific case studies
  • Present simplified planning tools for small islands that can be used for Energy System Modelling, focusing on the SPT Tool, and enabling participants to implement their own case studies with the SPT Tool
  • Present open source planning tools for advanced simulations, giving participants the ability to understand the advantages and disadvantages of current tools (oemof, Offgridders, MVS)
  • Introduce strategies to increase the resilience of energy supply systems, and teach participants how to apply Multi-Criteria-Analysis for energy system planning
  • Instruct participants on sector coupling measures, especially on the advantages and challenges of sector coupling in islands
  • Present key policy instruments for sustainable energy on islands
  • Enable participants to formulate policy goals for the development of sustainable energy systems on a specific case study island.


Paul Bertheau

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