RLI launches study on charging infrastructure and charging demand in Berlin
16. January 2019
8th eMo Smart Mobility Forum
30. January 2019

PeopleSuN Workshop

January 22nd – 24th 2019 | Abuja

Philipp Blechinger, Setu Pelz and Clara Jütte from the RLI-Forschungsbereich Off-Grid Systems, will host a workshop in Abuja, Nigeria, in context of the PeopleSuN project. The workshop will be attended by representatives of all eleven project partners and other stakeholders.

The PeopleSuN project deals with the electrification of rural areas in Nigeria through off-grid solutions. The main objective is to establish a local partner network of different local actors in order to determine the requirements for electrification, the financing, and further research needs.

Representatives of all eleven project institutions and other stakeholders will participate in the workshop. The goal is, to develop concrete research questions and to discuss the methodology and distribution of tasks for a comprehensive research and development project in the field of rural electrification in Nigeria.

In addition to getting to know each other, the project partners will also have the opportunity to talk to different stakeholders working in the energy sector about the challenges of electrification, about existing programs, and for identifying further research needs.

On the third day of the workshop, all project partners will visit a health center outside Abuja that is supplied with a solar mini grid.


© Image: Andrew Moore, Scenes from Jos, Nigeria, CC BY 2.0