Extensive vibration measurements of turbines with the company BerlinWind
1. July 2015
Development and assembly of the Hardwar-in-the-Loop testbench PHilto examine mechanical pitch-systems for Small Wind Turbines
1. July 2015

Planning and implementation of small wind turbines for the Micro Smart Grid on the EUREF campus in Berlin Schöneberg


Project period 01.08.2011 - 01.09.2011

In the end of 2011, a Micro Smart Grid was set up on the EUREF campus as part of the project BeMobility (led by the InnoZ GmbH) for research purposes. The projects object was the development of infrastructural conditions for a controlled and bidirectional charging of vehicles. The focus was on the question of the extent to which electric vehicle fleets can stabalize an electrical grid, that is characterised by increasingly fed from renewable sources and therefore stronger load fluctuations.
The aim of our project was the implementation of small wind turbines (SWT) into the MSG. The Reiner Lemoine Institut carried out the planning of the necessary metrology and several small wind turbines, which represents the fluctuating feeder in the Micro Smart Grid.
InnoZ GmbH



Oliver Arnhold

Team leader