Sub-sector analysis on the market potential for battery storage systems in Tanzania
1. July 2015
BWE market overview Special small wind turbines
1. July 2015

Quality management for Small Wind Turbines – A study on behalf of Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V.

Project period 01.04.2010 - 01.07.2010

Small Wind Turbines (SWT) are wind turbines with a rated power less than 100 kW which are supposed to have a high, in Germany until now a nearly unused potential.

To make it generally possible to discuss about SWT with a uniform background, proposals for SWT categories were worked out within this project. These constitude the basis for the developed suggestions to save the quality of technical declarations of SWT.

The results were summarized in a study.
Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. The Bundesverband WindEnergie was foundes in 1996 and belongs with today about 20.000 members to the worlds largest associations in renewable energies.

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