RLI at Open Energy Modelling Workshop in Milan
28. October 2016
Rail traffic and Energy Transition: RLI at the KNRBB network meeting
2. November 2016

RLI welcomes international GIZ delegation

November 1st 2016 – Reiner Lemoine Institute has been visited by an international group of 35 participants of the Renewable Energy & Efficiency Week 2016“ (REEW), hosted by  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). RLI researchers introduced the participants from more than ten countries to the institute’s work, followed by three break-out sessions that allowed deeper insights into our research fields “Transformation of Energy Systems”, “Mobility with Renewable Energies”, and “Off-Grid Systems”. Each session featured tools that we use, our methods, and several selected reference projects. To conclude the day, the group visited the “Hybrid Mini-Grid“ test ground of Qinous company to experience research results in practice.

The REEW participants are representatives of the different partner institutions of GIZ all over the world.  They spend a week in Berlin in order to receive extensive training on various topics related to energy and energy efficiency policy as well as financing and implementation practices. REEW is also an opportunity for networking with different German institutions. RLI has been selected as one of six Berlin facilities that are visited by the REEW participants during this week.

“We feel honored that GIZ, who is one of our trusted long-term partners, especially in the off-grid context, has chosen RLI as a station of REEW“, says Philipp Blechinger, Head of the research field Off-Grid Systems. „It was our pleasure to share our knowledge and receive feedback from an international group. This is very important for our work and we look forward to future exchange with the REEW participants.“

RLI is participating two more times in REEW: Matthias Resch, researcher in the field “Transformation of Energy Systems“ presented the project Smart Power Flow at the GIZ Expert Workshop on Wednesday. On Friday, RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer will give a keynote about the German Energy Transition at the GIZ Energy Transition Day.



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