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16. October 2018
2nd symposium of the Competence Centre E-Mobility of the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
17. October 2018

Sector coupling of energy and transport in development cooperation

In the project, the RLI developed a concept for the sector coupling of energy and transport in development cooperation on behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (German Corporation for International Cooperation).

One of GIZ's objectives was to advise partner countries on transport and energy and to support them in achieving climate and development goals. The transport sector played a special role in this context, as it contributes to climate change through emissions on the one hand, with mobility being one of the basic prerequisites for social and economic development on the other hand. A coupling of the energy and transport sectors should therefore contribute to the development of concepts, methods, and instruments for sustainable mobility worldwide.

For the GIZ, RLI summarized the current state of research, defined the basic concepts and challenges, and made concrete recommendations for priority fields of action and, if applicable, measures. One of the main concerns was to extend the perception of the topic of "sector coupling energy and transport" beyond the mere conversion to e-mobility. Other options included traffic avoidance, shifting to other transport modes, other energy sources, or increasing efficiency and substitution. On the basis of this concept, GIZ has built up its work in the partner countries in the field of sustainable mobility.

Project duration: September - November 2018

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RLI assumes the following tasks in this project:

  • Development of a concept paper "Sector coupling energy and transport in development cooperation”
  • Issuing recommendations for action
  • Hosting an expert discussion in Berlin


Philipp Blechinger

Project Manager

Kathrin Goldammer

Managing Director

Oliver Arnhold

Head of Unit

Catherina Cader

Head of Unit

Zakia Soomauroo

PhD candidate

Norman Pieniak

Head of Unit