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Location-tool for charging infrastructure expansion in Germany

In the Solid Project, a software is being developed with which the expansion of the charging and refueling infrastructure in Germany can be planned. The aim is to provide fuel and charging supplies for vehicles that do not run on conventional fuels but on alternative fuels, i.e. electricity, hydrogen and natural gas. In order to evaluate suitable locations for this infrastructure, data will be generated, combined in the tool by means of location analyses and visually processed. The data take into account socio-demographic factors as well as the nature of the existing power grids and traffic. At the end of the project, a map will be produced showing the results of the assessments of locations for the infrastructure of alternative fuels and showing which locations are particularly suitable.

The objective of RLI in the project is both the site evaluation with regard to the electricity grid connection and the evaluation of filling station locations. For the evaluation of the electricity grid connection, medium-voltage grids will be analyzed with the RLI’s modeling tool Ding0. Ding0 synthesizes electricity distribution networks and thus provides information on where connection to them would be possible. The program has already been used in other RLI projects, such as open_eGo.

The tool, which will be developed in the end, will not only provide an overview of the current conditions of the networks and loading and refueling infrastructure, it will also serve as a decision-making aid for those responsible in the federal states and municipalities who will decide on the planning of further expansion.

Project duration: April 2018 - August 2019

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RLI assumes the following tasks within this research project:

  • Analysis of power distribution networks
  • Requirement analysis of the hydrogen infrastructure
  • Requirement analysis of the natural gas infrastructure
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