Energy system 100 % renewable – Requirements for buildings
21. March 2017
Economic and environmental cost of self-sufficiency-analysis of an urban micro grid (Wanitschke et al. 2017)
22. March 2017

Symposium “The Energy Market of the Future”

March 21st/22nd 2017 | Berlin

RLI managing director Kathrin Goldammer is a speaker at the two-day symposium „Changing Energy Markets” that is hosted by Congress Compact 2C GmbH in cooperation with Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG. Her session titled “Storage and e-mobility – integrating renewable energy into the electricity and transport sector” will focus on application options for energy storage in markets as well as the future of the transport sector with renewable energies.

Please note that the symposium is hosted in German. Please find further information and registration at

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