Measurement campaign at a small wind turbine system
20. August 2015
Online-lecture: Project planning of PV-hybrid power plants (‘Fuelsaver’)
21. August 2015

open_eGo: open electricity Grid optimization

Planning Tool - to determine the optimal network and storage development in Germany - integrated into an OpenEnergy-Platform

Project period: 01.08.2015 - 31.08.2018

Development of a holistic grid planning tool as an integral part of an open energy modelling platform aiming at the determination of an optimal grid and storage expansion in Germany.

The project open_ego aims at developing a transparent, inter-grid-level operating grid planning tool to investigate economically viable grid expansion scenarios, considering alternative flexibility options such as storages or redispatch. The tool is developed on a public virtual research platform which is developed in context of this project as well. This research platform is intended to serve stakeholders as a component of participation in the process of the Energy Transition.

Further information on the Open_eGo Project can be found on the project website



Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in context of the funding initiative „Optimization of the Energy Supply System“ (Funding ID: 0325881B)

30. - 31. 03. 2017 Open_eGo publishes the method and tool for generating distribution grids „Distribution Network Generator“ (DINGO) at SciGRID Conference | Oldenburg

01.02.2017 Open_eGo speaks about batteries in distribution grids at the 4th OTTI-Conference “Future Grids for Renewable Energy” | Berlin

08.11.2016: Open_eGo hosts the 2ndwWorkshop "Reproducibility of simulation results" at Europa-Universität Flensburg | Flensburg

15.-16.09.2016: Open_eGo chairs a Special Track at EnviroInfo 2016: „Energy Modeling Systems“ | Berlin

23.06.2016: Open_eGo hosts a workshop on the development of the inter-grid-level planning tool (focusing on low and mid-voltage) | Augsburg

24.05.2016: Open_eGo hosts a workshop on the development of the inter-grid-level planning tool (focusing on high and extra-high voltage) | Oldenburg

28.-29.04.2016: Open_eGo chairs breakout groups at the Open Energy Modelling Workshop | Stockholm

19.11.2015: Open_eGo hosts a workshop on reproducibility of simulation results | Berlin

16.10.2015: Open_eGo chairs a breakout group at the Open Energy Modelling Workshop | London

10.09.2015: Open_eGo hosts a workshop for planning the design of the OpenEnergy Platform | Berlin

Contact & staff

Editha Kötter

Project manager

Berit Müller

Team Head

Birgit Schachler


Ludwig Hülk


Guido Pleßmann


Jonathan Amme