15.–17.01. | Open Energy Modelling Workshop
15. January 2020
Study: Nationwide demand for charging infrastructure for e-vehicles until 2030
23. January 2020

5 Years of openmod – Conference Materials online

22.01. | In January the openmod workshop returned to Berlin for its 5 year anniversary – celebrated with around 200 participants. Cheers to that from everyone at the Reiner Lemoine Institute and we are glad to see how much interest in Open Source and Open Data has been growing since 2014. Congratulations also to the openmod initiative which has become a well-known community for advocating these principles.

The openmod workshops provide a forum for modellers to come together and discuss how to further the use of open data and open software tools in the energy modelling community. Topics range from exchanges about specific types of data (e.g. sources for open data on building stocks or distribution networks) to advocacy and outreach.

The full agenda as well as more information on the conference is available on the website of the openmod initiative.

The available presentations of the conference can be downloaded here.

In the metapad several of openmod’s protocols and notes are available.