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Reiner Lemoine Institute

Reiner Lemoine was a pioneer of renewable energy. While others were thinking and talking about alternative forms of energy, Reiner Lemoine took the lead and founded the solar companies SOLON and Q-Cells, amongst others. It was in this spirit that the Reiner Lemoine Institute was established. The goal of the institute is to scientifically support the long-term transition of the energy supply to 100% renewables. The institute’s basic funding is provided by Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung.

Research Units

Fields of Competence

Project Management

We provide the necessary expertise for designing and acquiring new projects as well as executing and utilizing both publicly and privately funded projects focusing on renewable energy systems.


We derive reliable results based on well validated input data. To guarantee that we can generate, validate, process, and structure data on many different ways.


Using self-developed simulation tools we model and optimize electricity and heat supply systems as well as mobility systems.


Through our interdisciplinary approach we conduct analyses from different perspectives and consider cross-sectoral contexts.


We bring theoretic insights into real-life applications and reflect practical experience back into our simulations and research projects.

Smart Partner

For the institute’s implementation-oriented research, partners from science and industry are highly important. To this end, our goal is to implement projects in cooperation with partners.
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