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Reiner Lemoine Institute

The goal of the institute is to scientifically support the long-term transition of the energy supply to 100% renewables. The institute’s basic funding is provided by Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung. Reiner Lemoine was a pioneer of renewable energy. While others were thinking and talking about alternative forms of energy, Reiner Lemoine took the lead and founded the solar companies SOLON and Q-Cells, amongst others.

Research Units

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

In addition to our independent scientific work, we also support the transformation of energy systems through individual project commissions and studies for businesses, policy makers, local actors, and civil groups.

RLI Tools

At RLI, we have developed various software tools that we use internally and can make available to third parties.

Open Source

Wherever possible, we follow the principles of open science and try to make the majority of our scientific work accessible. This forms the technical and legal basis for scientific reproducibility and genuine participation in the energy system transformation.

WELMO Consultations

RLI offers consulting on e-mobility as part of Berlin's "E-mobility for Businesses" (WELMO) funding program.

RLI Spin-Off

Localiser RLI GmbH is the first spin-off of Reiner Lemoine Institute, offering solutions for efficient planning of charging points for electric vehicles in every region.

Smart Partner

For the institute’s implementation-oriented research, partners from science and industry are highly important. To this end, our goal is to implement projects in cooperation with partners.
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