Project Management

Innovative research projects in the field of renewable energies are drivers of the necessary fundamental change in the ways we supply and use energy. As a non-profit research institute we are independent and provide the necessary expertise for designing and acquiring new projects as well as executing and utilizing both publicly and privately funded projects focusing on renewable energy systems. Our interdisciplinary research in the fields of electric and heat energy as well as mobility provide us with a deep insight into the current state of science and technology which helps us identify research needs and develop new projects together with other research institutes as well as stakeholders from businesses, NGOs and municipalities. Innovations are always associated with both technological and economic risks that are be mitigated by federal and European research funds. We conduct all steps of the application process and are in frequent contact with federal project developers.
Project Design / Networking
Within our networks in industry and research we connect partners to form project consortiums and develop new project ideas.
Funding Acquisition
We conduct all steps of the application process and are in frequent contact with federal project developers. We are constantly tracking international tenders by development banks (e.g. AfDB, ADB), the World bank and by EuropeAid to apply together with suitable partners.
Complementary Research and Project Supervision
As an independent research institute we taking on scientific leadership of publicly funded projects. In that we are not only conducting the actual research work but constantly assess a project’s success along ecological, technological as well as economic criteria. Additionally, we can assume leadership of project consortiums and thus be the responsible entity for the grant authorities.
Exploitation of Research Results
As a non-profit institution we make use of our research results ways to serve the common interest. Through business journals, public presentations as well as through peer-reviews publications we distribute our expertise and know-how. Even though we handle partner-specific information with confidentiality, we strive to make public our results’ implications for the transformation of energy systems in consultation with our partners.
We organize and conduct multi-disciplinary workshops for an efficient transfer of know-how with the project’s stakeholders. Those workshops are usually being held as part of projects but can be set up on demand for interested parties of all backgrounds, including commerce, policy, charity or education.