Hydrogen is an important energy carrier of the future. It can be produced by using electricity generated from renewable energies - for example, through electrolysis. This hydrogen is called green hydrogen. It is climate-friendly, can be stored, transported over long distances and can be further processed into other products such as ammonia or synthetic fuels. It thus contributes to sector coupling - a key concept in the energy transition - and becomes an important building block for climate-neutral industry, mobility and the supply of electricity and heat.

How RLI can help

The RLI supports the topic of hydrogen at various levels: We advise planning communities, cities, municipalities and companies on the development of their potential for the production, storage and use of hydrogen from renewable energies. This is done primarily through potential and feasibility studies. Planning tools for hydrogen infrastructure and energy system modeling help to identify, evaluate and plan regional value chains. The focus of the RLI's work is the holistic view of a hydrogen economy and the inclusion of stakeholders. The RLI offers various workshops and trainings on this topic, nationally and internationally.

In research projects, we work together with partners from industry and science on the production of renewable hydrogen and its use in various areas of mobility. The use of power-to-X products (such as synthetic fuels) is playing an increasingly important role. Depending on the focus of the projects, the RLI works on technical and economic issues, takes on simulation and tool development tasks, and develops strategies, roadmaps and participation processes.



Marcus Schober


Das Bild zeigt das Piktogramm eines Papiers, an dessen Rand ein Zahnrad ist.

Potential studies and studies on synthetic fuels

Determination of production and utilization potentials for green hydrogen and studies on synthetic fuels in air and marine transport.
Das Bild zeigt eine Lupe, durch die ein Pfeil geht. in der Mitte der Lupe ist ein Graph mit einem Höhepunkt und einem Tiefpunkt.

Analysis and planning

Analysis and planning of hydrogen infrastructure.
Das Bild zeigt einen Computermonitor mit einem Netzwerk drauf. Rechts über dem Bildschirm ist das Wort H2.

Energy system simulation and design

Energy system simulation and design of hydrogen systems.
Das Bild zeigt die schematische darstellung von drei Menschen nebeneinander, die gemeinsam eine Denkblase mit einem Zahnrad darin teilen.

• Strategies, roadmaps and participation processes

Developing of strategies, roadmaps and participation processes with various stakeholders.

Sample projects