As a non-profit research institute we guarantee objective and independent support for real-life applications. We bring theoretic insights into applications and reflect practical experience back into our simulations and research projects.

Our goal is to accompany the current state of research into the phase of realization as much as possible. We ensure this through our practical and economic expertise, through preparation and exploitation of research results as well as targeted transfer of know-how.

The path from theoretical research to its application demands the clarification of site-specific requirements, such as our projects of installation of small-scale wind turbines in urban contexts. With our experience and expertise regarding renewable energies we assist in regulatory approval issues as we plan and realize innovative renewable energy plants for decentralized energy generation and storage.

Similarly, we make possible the economic exploitation of research results by analyzing suitable markets and business models, mapping socio-political conditions as well as the techno-economic framework for quantifying market potentials. Additionally, we cover a wide range of business model development according to our research fields, ranging from possible applications for batteries in distribution grids to hydrogen utilization paths or pricing models for rural electrification.
Real-life application
Together with our partners we apply our research results by planning and realizing innovative renewable energy plants for the decentralized energy generation and storage. We assist and work in all common phases of project realization, such as feasibility studies, legal authorization as well as procurement and construction supervision.
Operation and Controlling
We develop and optimize control strategies for hybrid energy systems and apply them as part of our research projects. As part of that we program and set up programmable logic controllers for lab and field tests and generate graphical user interfaces for handling and monitoring systems.
Business models and market research
We analyze the global application of renewable energy technologies and the associated market potentials. We support companies and institutions with their sustainable business development for renewable energies and storage technologies. Potential customers, demand and tariff structures as well as other important parameters are taken into consideration to develop suitable business models to leverage market potentials.
Demonstration units
Together with our partners from industry and research we develop demonstration units and field tests to analyze real-life application cases and validate simulations and assumptions. Additionally we develop applications for users to experience and learn all about questions and the topics regarding renewable energies. Our virtual interactive visualizations on-site raise awareness and demonstrate important aspects of renewable energy systems.
Technical reports and certificates
As an independent research institute we support designers with expert opinions. Our reports deal with environmental issues, such as shadow and sound emissions, as much as structural questions. Moreover we compile municipal reports regarding measures within energy and climate protection concepts.
Transfer of know-how /capacity development
The academic publication of our findings is part of our commitment as a research institute. Additionally, we contribute to education within the field of renewable energies, for example in lectures at TU Berlin or HTW Berlin. Furthermore we conduct global capacity development in the field of renewable energies, creating online-classes and contributing to transfer of know-how in international projects through case studies and interactive events.