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11. June 2020
16.06 | Online Workshop: Decentralized Energy Supply Concepts
16. June 2020

eGon project website is now available

15.06.2020 | The newly launched project website of the research project eGon offers an overview of the project contents and the different network planning tools. eGon ties in with the completed research project open_eGo and examines the effects of sector coupling on the German power grid.

After the research project open_eGo focused on network expansion, the research project eGon now adds the integration of the energy sectors mobility, heat, and gas. In particular, it investigates, whether network expansion can be avoided or reducedt by using flexibility options.

For this research, several simulation and modeling tools are needed, each of which covers different aspects of the integration of renewable energy and sector coupling. Within the framework of eGon, existing tools are supplemented by requirements and flexibilities from the areas of gas, heat, and e-mobility as well as other electrical flexibilities.

All data sets are open data and are available in the open energy database (oedb) as part of the open energy platform – OEP.

The project website provides an overview of the existing and emerging tools and serves as a portal for developers to directly access the content and codes.

> To the eGon project website