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21. May 2021
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RLI is committed to diversity and an appreciative corporate culture

May 26, 2021 | Reiner Lemoine Institute has written down its corporate values in the form of a charter, thus affirming its will to create a positive working environment for all employees of the institute. At the same time, the RLI has signed the “Diversity Charter”, thus committing to the company’s goal of promoting diversity in its staff.

Ten principles of the “RLI Spirit”.

The RLI charter contains ten principles that shape the work of the institute in addition to its scientific content – including transdisciplinarity, an exclusion of any form of discrimination, recognition of diverse personal backgrounds of employees, but also a commitment to the open-source principle.

The people who work at the RLI are committed to the basic philosophy of Reiner Lemoine, who gave the institute its name and was its founder: His vision was a more livable future for all people. For eleven years, the institute has supported this vision by conducting applied research for the energy transition. About 100 people work together on an equal footing at all hierarchical levels and make many decisions collaboratively. This special working atmosphere, often referred to internally as the “RLI Spirit,” is now put into a text form for the first time by the charter and preserved for the future.

The RLI as an employer welcomes diversity.

The RLI also advocates externally for an appreciative and prejudice-free work environment that values people – regardless of age, gender and gender identity, ethnic origin and nationality, religion and worldview, sexual orientation and identity, or physical abilities. Therefore, in May, the Institute signed the Diversity Charter, committing to the following principles:

  • An organizational culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation of each and every individual
  • Ensure that human resources processes accommodate the diverse skills and talents of all employees
  • Recognize the diversity of society within and outside the organization and value the potential that lies within it
  • Make the implementation of the charter a topic of internal and external dialogue
  • Inform employees about the topic of diversity and involve them

The “Diversity Carter” is a German employers* initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is its patron. More than 3,000 companies and institutions have already signed the Diversity Charter.

Visibility in the energy sector.

“A good working climate, diversity, and equality are of particular concern to me and the RLI,” explains RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer. “The energy industry in particular still has a lot of need for modernization in this regard, RLI is a special institute in this rather conservative industry. This is precisely why we should use this opportunity to make a real difference through our commitment. For the first time, the RLI Charter sets out the key beliefs, values, and mission of our Institute. I am especially grateful for the input and feedback from all RLI employees that helped us write down these values.”

The RLI Charter is available for download here
More information on the Diversity Charter