Electrification tool for the DR Congo
21. January 2021
Project ADVANTAGE: Autonomous driving, autonomous charging!
25. January 2021

RLI recognized as NGO in the USA

January 12, 2021 | Reiner Lemoine Institute was granted the status of a non-governmental organization in the USA at the beginning of the year. After having passed an Equivalency Determination process, RLI is listed as a non-profit NGO in the US registry “NGOSource” for the year 2021. This will allow RLI to participate more easily in the grantmaking and bidding processes for funding projects in the United States, as well as to work more efficiently with funders based there.

Equivalency Determination (ED) is a process by which U.S. grantmakers assess whether a proposed foreign grantee is equivalent to a U.S. nonprofit organization. This was decided favorably for RLI – the instiotute is also recognized as a nonprofit organization in Germany. As a result, RLI no longer has to prove its non-profit activity separately for each U.S. grant.

The recognition in the USA is important, for example, for the continuation of RLI’s Cooperation of the RLI with UC Berkeley or the C-BEAR+ project – both cooperations are dedicated to scientific and intercultural exchange on the topic of energy transition between Germany and the USA. Also the Electrification Tool for the DR Congo project, which began in January and is funded by the US-based “11th Hour Project”, was also made possible by this recognition as a non-profit.