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1. March 2018
2. March 2018

SzenarienDB project kick-off


March 1st 2018 | The new RLI research project SzenarienDB was kicked-off at a meeting on February 25th. The aim of the project, expected to run for three years, is to develop a publicly accessible database for scenario data. In energy systems research, the term scenarios describes the input data, assumptions on future developments, and results that are used in the process of computing the energy system model. In energy system analysis, mathematical models of energy systems are created and the effects of different factors, such as the weather or technical and economic developments, are studied. Energy system models can therefore be used to simulate and evaluate the adjustment potential and the consequences of the Energy Transition.

These models are becoming increasingly complex as more and more aspects must be taken into account and different models are often combined. In this process, the scenarios are often used as a foundation for future plans. Thus, the quality of scenarios is crucial. In order to allow for scientific comparison of studies on future energy systems, it is essential to know which energy system model and which input data were used in a study. Unfortunately, this information is only rarely completely included in publications. This is where SzenarienDB comes in. The input and output data of well-known studies are collected and made available in order to increase transparency and the exchange of scenario data.

The four institutions Fraunhofer IEE, RLI, Oeko-Institut, and Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg are involved in the project. The consortium is headed by the Fraunhofer IEE. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (grant number 03ET4057).

At the kick-off workshop in Kassel, the partners met to get to know each other, discuss initial steps in the project and substantiate the timetable. The RLI will now begin to develop a repository for the scenario data in a scenario database within the OEP. The RLI supports the involvement of the scientific community. As an open science project, the next opportunity to get to know the SzenarienDB project and to get involved will be in June at the 8th openmod Workshop in Zurich.

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