Feasibility study for hybrid mini-grids in Mozambique
7. October 2020
03.11. | 4th E-mobility Integration Symposium
21. October 2020

Videos of RLI conference contributions available

October 7th 2020 | Since many scientific conferences in 2020 will be held as online events, RLI researchers have recorded a series of lectures and poster sessions as videos, which are available free of charge.


CIRED Berlin 2020

Martha Hoffmann, researcher in the RLI-Research Unit Off-Grid Systems, presented an ePoster entitled „Investment Planning in Multi-Vector Energy Systems: Definition of Key Performance Indicators“ at this year’s CIRED Berlin 2020 Workshop. The poster is based on a paper of the same name.



EMP-E 2020

A large RLI delegation consisting of Christoph Muschner, Christian Hofmann, Ludwig Hülk, Martha Hoffmann and Sarah Berendes participated in this year’s Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E 2020). The following contents were presented:

  • Overview of the project SzenarienDB, in which a publicly accessible scenario database is created.
    >> More about SzenarienDB
  • Functions and contents of the Open Energy Ontology (OEO), which standardizes terms used in energy system analysis and thus simplifies the cooperation among different energy system models and the exchange of data and scenarios.
    >> More about the OEO


  • Within the open_Modex project two topics are presented:
    • The first video presents the data model to facilitate the comparability of multi-framework simulations.
      >> More about open_Modex
    • The second video presents the project open_Modex in general: The comparison of five open-source frameworks for energy system analysis. In the model experiment, the five open-source frameworks Balmoral, oemof, GENESYS-2, GENeSYS-MOD, and urbs are compared with each other.
  • Presentation of an open-source tool for sector-coupled energy systems. The “Multi-Vector-Simulator” was developed within the research project E-Land.
    >> More about E-Land